We use our expertise and experience for your success.

Being an R&D tax specialist in the UK, we have experience working in various domains like Business, Accountancy, Law, and Technology. We believe that innovation is the heart of any business, so our R&D tax specialists provide a simple and easy process for your R&D Claims. Leaving all the complexities of the process behind, we focus on simplifying R&D claims so you can receive your R and D incentives without any stress. R&D tax specialists in our team are experienced to deal with challenges and technicalities faced by clients. Our prime focus is your success that's why we work on a no win no fee basis.

We help innovative businesses thrive.

Valiant & Stone is helping companies develop an R&D culture.

Our Mission

To encourage innovation and to assist innovative businesses with the expertise we have.

Our Vision

Help businesses realize their true potential and help them grow with R and D incentives.

Our Values

To offer transparent and safer services to our clients and also find innovative solutions for overall business growth.

Our Consultants

Our R&D consultants being experts in the field are aware of the complexities of R&D claim process, that's the reason their focus is to make the process simple for you, so you can receive your maximised R&D tax relief and R&D credit easily. At Valiant & Stone, you can find dedicated consultants who will provide you reliable solutions. For us our every client is important, that's why our all clients are managed by experienced consultants who assist you throughout the process. Understanding the technicalities of your projects, alongside the complexities of R and D tax legislation we ensure all your eligible R&D activities are uncovered and your claims are maximized. We transform businesses with R and D incentives.

Your success is our success

Our Expert Consultants