R&D Credit Incentives:

In the year 2000, the UK government initiated this scheme to provide incentives to the innovative businesses working for research and development. R&D tax relief put a tax break by the UK government. Both profitable and loss-making companies can claim up to 33% of your R&D qualifying costs and large companies can claim up to 10% of their R and D expenditure. The majority of businesses are unaware of the profit they are missing out on by not claiming R&D credits. 

R&D tax claims in 2017-18

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Businesses may have misconceptions that they do not fall under the category of R&D, but that’s not true: any company aiming to seek advancement in the fields of science and technology is eligible for an R&D claim. Eligible companies can claim R&D tax relief for tax reduction or the R&D credit, calculated according to your liable expenditure. The R&D tax specialist team of Valiant and Stone assists you from the very first step of the claim till you receive maximized incentives you deserve.

During 2018-2019, 59,265 claims worth £5.3 billion were made.

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Our team of R&D tax specialists scrupulously prepare your claims uncovering all your R and D activities and costs, maximizing the incentives you receive.

R&D Tax Relief-SME Scheme

Provides smaller businesses that employ fewer than 500 staff or balance sheet limiting to £86 million.

R&D Tax Relief-RDEC Scheme​

Provides Tax relief to any company exceeding the limits of SME.

Software Development

Valiant & Stone have a team of experienced Web developers, E-commerce strategists and provide trusted sales and marketing audits.

Accountant Partnership

A dedicated relationship manager to your clients to create robust R&D tax credit claims.

Advanced Assurance

Open to first time claimants and only the smallest companies with a turnover of less than £2m.


Valiant & Stone provides trusted digital transformation services, developing custom CRM, ERP and data platforms
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Do you qualify for R&D Tax Relief?

If you are UK based company and you are investing to seek advancement in the fields of science and technology, then you might meet HMRC’s criteria for the claim.

Business Sectors

Transport and Storage

£20 million in 2019 – 50% increase from previous years.

Admin & Support Services

£170 million in 2019 –41% increase from previous years.

Accommodation & Food

£10 million in 2019 – 100% increase from previous years.


£10 million in 2019 – 100% increase from previous years.

Scientific & Technical

£64,236 for SME Scheme | £682,242 for RDEC Scheme

Construction & Building

£145 million in 2019 – 52% increase from previous years.

At Valiant & Stone we use a rigorous process to deliver R&D tax credit claims.