What Are R&D Credits?

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The R&D credit is a valuable source of cash that you can re-invest to accelerate the growth of your business.
If you are UK based company and you have carried out R and D activities, then you can claim up to 33% of your R and D expenditure. The R&D credit is calculated based on your R and D expenditure, both profit and loss-making SMEs can claim up to 33% of their liable costs.

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Prove to HMRC that your tech was complex through submitting financial and technical info.

HMRC provides comprehensive criteria set for an R&D claim.

Many of you are involved in the activities which fall under the category of R&D unknowingly. According to HMRC R&D claim can be made by any project working for bringing innovation.

You qualify for an R&D claim if:

  • You are UK based company?
  • You are investing in creating some new methodology or improved tool?
  • Improving technological or scientific efficiency?
  • Facing uncertainty in your project?
  • Trying to remove uncertainty?

HMRC will count any money you invest in developing something as R&D.

The money you spent on these is counted for your R&D claim:

> Staff

> Materials

> External contractors

> Sub-contractors

> Software licenses


Which scheme is right for your business?

Choosing the right scheme largely depends upon the size of your company.


Smaller companies with less than 500 employees with turnover limiting to £100 million or gross assets of £86 million, as well as startups, fall into the category of SME. Both loss-making and profitable SMEs can claim up to 33% of the R&D credit.

Profitable SME’s can claim for R&D tax relief to put tax break according to the amount of corporation tax.


Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC) inculcates larger companies with more than 500 employees, a turnover of more than £100 million, or a balance sheet of £86 million.

Some factors like grants and sub-contraction can restrict SMEs from claiming via SME incentive and make them eligible to claim via RDEC scheme.


What evidence does HMRC need?

HMRC has set detailed eligibility criteria for R&D claims, which most of the businesses already meet without even realizing. HMRC does not have a fixed requirement of documentation as it varies for each business sector. Innovative and creative UK companies can make claims without any limitation of size or sector.

You can qualify for an R&D claim if your business has:

  • Attempted to improve production efficiency?
  • Made technological advancement by creating new service or tool?
  • Faced uncertainties?
  • Tried to overcome uncertainties faces?
  • Invested in technological advancement?
  • Tried to modify and improve existing service, tool, or methodology?
How much R&D claim worth?

How much is claim worth?

The R&D credit scheme grants valuable cash for the business, which you can re-invest to expedite the growth of your business. The precise evaluation of R&D credit may vary depending on your qualifying R and D expenditure. Other factors like size, the amount of corporation tax you pay, and the current state of the company also determine the worth of your R&D credits.

The calculation of your R&D tax relief benefit is contingent on the category you fall in:

1: Profitable SME’s

Profitable SMEs can have 25% of their R&D costs refunded. If the R&D cost of your company is £100,000 in a year then its corporation tax liability would reduce by up to £25,000.

2: Loss Making SME’s

A loss-making SME can also get benefit by claiming R&D credit, which worth up to 33% of qualifying costs.

If the company spent £100,000 on R&D projects in a year then its potential R&D Credit would be £33,350.

3: Large Companies RDEC

Profitable and loss-making large companies equally can benefit from the RDEC scheme, both obtain an R&D Credit of up to  13% of their R&D spend. RDEC tax relief cost is subject to Corporation Tax.

If the company invests £100,000 on R&D projects in a year then its R&D Credit would be around £9,700 minimum.

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Research and Development Tax Relief

The UK government initiated an R&D Tax Relief scheme to encourage and motivate scientific and technological innovation.

Steps to claim

Claiming for R and D may seem like a strenuous task but our fast and optimized process of the claim makes it simple for you. As an R&D tax specialist, we provide you an easy and cost-effective way of tailoring technical report and submitting it to HMRC in these 6 easy to follow steps.

Assessment and Selection of projects:

Our R and D experts will receive background information related to your projects to help you meet eligibility criteria. Initially, we will assess your company to discover eligible R and D projects and prepare a claim outline for you.

Claims Consultancy

The claim consultant will outline the qualifying criteria for the R and D claim and will assist you regarding each step of the process. Your project will be discussed for further calculations, the scheme will be selected and any kind of query will be entertained by the consultant.

Draft Report

Our R&D tax specialists will tailor the report, understanding all the technicalities and strict criteria set by HMRC. The report will be prepared scrupulously according to the information provided by you.

Finalization of Report

After preparation of the report, it will be sent to you for the review and confirmation of accurate representation of your company to avoid misrepresentation. A false representation of facts can lead to HMRC inquiry.

Submission to HMRC

Your R&D claim will be submitted to HMRC with revised calculations. After submission, if any issue is raised by HMRC, it will be discussed with you before responding directly to HMRC.

Receive Incentives

HMRC will process your R&D claim after examining the technical briefings and tax computations. Your R&D claim will be processed by HMRC within 4-6 weeks and then you will receive the incentives you deserve in the form of paying cash or tax reduction.
Our team provides you step to step guide and will be glad to answer any query.