Advance Assurance

HMRC introduced an Advance Assurance for the companies which claim R&D tax relief. Once Advance Assurance is granted it assures the company that HMRC will not enquire their R&D tax claims for the first three accounting periods.

Who can apply for Advance Assurance?

You are eligible to apply for Advance Assurance if you are:

  • an SME, or fewer than 50 employees
  • claiming R&D tax relief for the first time
  • planning to invest in R&D or already have invested in R&D
  • part of a group and none of the companies linked to you have made a claim before
  • a company with an annual turnover limiting to £2 million or less

You can’t apply if you are:

  • entered into a Disclosure Tax Avoidance Scheme (DOTAS)
  • a corporate serious defaulter
  • a part of a group that has already claimed for R&D tax relief

You can apply for Advance Assurance yourself through the online application or your agent can do it for you.

Required Information to Apply for Advance Assurance

To apply for Advance Assurance you’ll need:

  • your company’s accounts
  • your company‘s registration documents (from Companies House)
  • HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) correspondence
  • Details of previous tax returns (not needed for new companies)
  • the name of a contact with direct knowledge of your R&D to discuss the application with HMRC

You are required to provide some basic information about your company and detailed information regarding your company’s R&D activities.

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Having a team of experts with experience of dealing with different domains, Valiant and Stone can help you in all stages of your R&D Tax Credit Claim.

R&D Tax Relief - SME Scheme

Provides smaller businesses that employ fewer than 500 staff or balance sheet limiting to £86 million.

R&D Tax Relief - RDEC Scheme

Provides Tax relief to any company exceeding the limits of SME.

Software Development

Valiant & Stone have a team of experienced Web developers, E-commerce strategists and provide trusted sales and marketing audits.

Accountant Partnership

A dedicated relationship manager to your clients to create robust R&D tax credit claims.

Advanced Assurance

Open to first time claimants and only the smallest companies with a turnover of less than £2m.


Valiant & Stone provides trusted digital transformation services, developing custom CRM, ERP and data platforms

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£20 million in 2019 – 50% increase from previous years.

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£10 million in 2019 – 100% increase from previous years.

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£64,236 for SME Scheme | £682,242 for RDEC Scheme

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£145 million in 2019 – 52% increase from previous years.