Capital Allowances

Thinking of investing in a new laptop? Of buying a business vehicle? Or of getting some other piece of equipment you need for your business or to help it operate more efficiently?These purchases are usually tax-deductible. But HMRC doesn’t treat them the same way they treat day-to-day expenses such as business mileage and office utilities. You can’t just subtract the cost from your income. To get your tax deduction, you’ll have to claim capital allowances.Here’s a rundown of what capital allowances are and how they work in the UK.

What are capital allowances?

Capital allowances are a way of reducing your tax bill when you spend money on something that’ll benefit your business in the long term. This is called capital expenditure.You make capital expenditure when you:Buy an asset you’ll use in your business. This is called a capital asset Spend money on upgrades Spend money on maintaining a capital asset
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R&D Tax Relief - SME Scheme

Help smaller businesses with less than 500 staff and balance sheet less than £86 millions.

R&D Tax Relief - RDEC Scheme

RDEC is offered to larger companies that exceed the limits of the SME R&D relief scheme.

Capital Allowances

Capital Allowances tax relief offsets the hidden expenditure in your commercial property.

Accountant Partnership

A dedicated relationship manager to your clients to create robust R&D tax credit claims.

Advanced Assurance

Open to first time claimants and only the smallest companies with a turnover of less than £2m.

Property Investment

Leading and trusted property investment advice service by experiences consultants.

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Transport and Storage

£20 million in 2019 – 50% increase from previous years.

Admin & Support Services

£170 million in 2019 –41% increase from previous years.

Accommodation & Food

£10 million in 2019 – 100% increase from previous years.


£10 million in 2019 – 100% increase from previous years.

Scientific & Technical

£64,236 for SME Scheme | £682,242 for RDEC Scheme

Construction & Building

£145 million in 2019 – 52% increase from previous years.